You only have to watch programs like Checkpoint which just aired on eNCA and eTV yesterday (03 October 2017), or listen to a sermon preached by a false teacher to understand the idea behind the title of this article. I am of course using the “Christian god phrase” sarcastically. I am using it to refer to the god of people like Dr. H. Q. Nala of Nala Mandate International. When such utterances spark outrage, we need not be surprised for the outrage is understandable.

The reality in most churches is that we have many unsaved heterosexuals than homosexuals, and might I add that we even treat some of the unsaved heterosexuals as brothers and sisters in Christ when we should’t. Doing this means that we are inconsistent and we do not apply the biblical test for testing whether a person is a Christian or not. This problem exists countrywide and worldwide.

There are major contributing factors to this problem in our country. They range from religious leaders who have a voice in society, but are unable to articulate the biblical position on homosexuality accurately; those who call themselves Christians but aren’t; and more that you can extrapolate from below.

With regards to the discussion on homosexuality, I strongly feel that we have to move this to a place of dialogue, and make progress from talking about the fact that God is love and therefore does not hate the homosexuals. Can we get past this? This is not the issue that Christians who carefully handle the Bible struggle with. All the horrible things that the so called Christians say and do towards the homosexuals, are condemned by God in the Bible, and therefore they are not Christian. But what does the God of the Bible say?

Firstly, I would advise that when dealing with this issue we must insist that someone be consistent on all sin issues in the Bible, and that they should have a balanced view of sin. This means that to lovingly appeal to homosexuals one must be able to handle the Bible correctly. Secondly, we must refrain from using extra biblical arguments against homosexuality, because most of them don’t come across well, and they miss the point altogether. I am not speaking about the use of social apologetic[1]. That has a place. But I am cautioning against using illustrations such as: “homosexuality is unnatural, even the animals know better”. I mean this is stupid, and utter rubbish, like this false teacher put it here.

But, having said this, let me thank the Checkpoint team for a stunning journalism on Dr. Nala.

Notwithstanding this, we should never allow those who oppose our faith to define it for us. The truth is that those who oppose Christianity know nothing about what the sacred text of Scripture say on homosexuality. The Bible’s clarity on homosexuality is not so much an issue, but the issue is unbelief. You will not be surprised to find that those who are against the Christian’s understanding of sexuality and marriage, have a problem with many other things written in the Bible. The problem is unbelief. Although we are happy, for an example, with how Malusi Gigaba and the Botswana government dealt with Steven Anderson, this does not mean that we would want them to deal with us the same way. What Anderson said and stands for is not what the Bible teaches. The same applies to what Dr Nala’s practices, as well as the guy who preached against homosexuality at Mosa Sono’s church in Soweto. What these men stand for is foreign to the Christian religion, and those who are insulted by them are justified in feeling that way.

We should also bear in mind that the mind of an unsaved person cannot understand nor believe the things of God. The things of God are spiritually discerned, and only those who have the Holy Spirit dwelling in them can understand and believe them. It is funny that the media chooses to listen to the Nalas, but would not listen to us when we speak on the issue. Why do they go after such men and paint with a broad brush as if they are talking about us as well? Unbelievers do not know who we are. They think they do, but they don’t.

The bankruptcy of biblical literacy has really caused a lot of damage in the minds of many, even those of the religious. If those who are in “churches” cannot even tell you what the gospel is, and what biblical preaching is, and what salvation is, and what a church is, how do we expect those outside to even begin to understand us and what our view is on homosexuality?

The Christians in this country are known only for what they say. For an example, people call Joyous Celebration a gospel group because of the songs they sing. People believe Dr Tumi sings gospel because of the words of the songs he sings. People believe Benjamin Dube is a pastor and gospel singer because of his words. But Christianity is not only about the word we speak. Saying something biblical is not only about quoting the Bible, for Satan himself can do it. There is a lot that these people are not saying. Let me say that a false teacher who teaches falsely is as dangerous as a false teacher who is one in the heart and does not say a lot. When someone or a church does not say anything about many things that might be a false church. Where does Dr. Tumi stand on homosexuality and the false practices on the miraculous we see in the country? Where does Benjamin Dube stand? Where does Joyous Celebration stand? Why are we not hearing these people saying anything? We know why. Their Christianity is inclusive, and they only tell people what their itching ears want to hear.

Let us get the concepts right. Being Christian is not tantamount to being homophobic, although there are Christians who are. It is a sin of monstrous proportion to be homophobic. I can clearly be against homosexuality without being homophobic. I mean those who are against Christianity, why don’t we say they are Christophobic? It is perfectly okay to disagree on issues, but we should not define for people what it is they believe or conclude for them, and we should never redefine terms to make them suit our beliefs. Clearly, the Bible and Christianity are against homosexuality, and so I would encourage the homosexuals who love the bible and ‘church’ to start a religion of their own, and refrain from redefining the biblical religion. But them again we live in a society where sound biblical interpretation does not matter, and no one has a right to say what the bible means by what it says, and anyone can interpret it for themselves and make it say what they want it to say.

The warnings we heed go unnoticed, and until society and the media hear our voices they will always have a twisted view of what they think about us and what they think we believe, and they will always listen to the lies of the so called Christian representatives such as the South African Counsel of Churches leaders. I mean when you have such big names and the names of the likes of Desmond Tutu in favour of homosexuality, basing it on the same Bible we use, who are we to say otherwise?

These men are not men of God, and they do not speak for the Christ of the Scriptures.

Nala’s comments and practice on exorcizing the demon of homosexuality does not represent the Christian faith in any shape, size or form. Sadly and unfortunately, as I have already alluded to above, this type of behaviour by a false teacher is going to have a negative effect on Bible believing Christians who preach the gospel of love and peace. The Christians who understand the message of love, that “God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8) should reach out more to the homosexuals who have been hurt and mistreated by those professing to be followers of Jesus Christ.

I reiterate, there are more heterosexuals than homosexuals in this country, and there are more unbelievers than Christians, and putting this together indicates that there are more heterosexual sinners who have committed heinous crimes than homosexuals in this Country, and many of them are in our churches, yet we have not directly pointed out their sins the same way we have those of homosexuals. But it is not Jesus or the Bible that have faulted, it is us sinners.

Nala is a false teacher whom the Bible describes as a ravenous wolf that come in sheep’s clothing. He claims that even adultery is demonic, yet he is an advocate for polygamy, and practices it. How is this different to casting a demon by a demon kind of thing? In his own words, he has a demon himself then. Why are our people so gullible and blind to such clear contradictions? We know why. The Bible tells us that, “the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths” (2 Timothy 4:3-4). We are indeed living in the last days; dangerous days.

But to the homosexuals I say: dear friends, let not your sexuality and those who have said and done hurtful things towards you push you away from sensible Christians. Homosexuality is not an unpardonable sin. We too have many sins, and some of us are worse sinners than you. You can become a Christian, if you put your faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ alone for the forgiveness of your sins. Watch here, for your encouragement, the story of a Christian man with same sex attraction struggle. This is my dear brother in the Lord Jesus Christ, and I love him very much, even though we do not know each other personally. I have many other homosexual friends, and I truly cherish these relationships. Watch Sam Alberry’s Testimony Here.

In one of my favourite books on homosexuality, written by one of my favourite authors, pastor Kevin DeYoung (p55) says the following: “Genesis has much to say about the nature of male-female complementarity. Homosexual practice is sinful because it violates the divine design in creation. According to Paul’s logic, men and women who engage in same-sex sexual behaviour – even if they are being true to their own feelings and desires – have suppressed God’s truth in unrighteousness. They have exchanged the fittedness of male-female relations for those that are contrary to nature”.

You might read this and think that this will crush any homosexual person and it defeats the purpose for which this article was written. But this is not all. If we leave conversations here about homosexuality, then we will crush the spirits of brothers and sisters in the Lord. DeYoung (p146) continues to caution against this, arguing that believers also struggle with same sex attraction. So, he adds, “Every Christian wrestles with thoughts we can’t quite understand and feelings we never wanted. This is not a homosexual problem; it’s a human problem. I imagine a young man coming up to me as his pastor and saying, through tears, ‘I find myself attracted to men instead of women. I feel so dirty. I’m so ashamed. I feel bad, miserable, and mad at myself and like a failure before God every second of the day’. In this situation Wi would eventually get to the call of Christian discipleship to live in purity of thought and deed, but that’s not where I would start because this many already feels impure. I’d tell him that feeling this does not make him a failure, and that the desire to walk in holiness is evidence of the Spirit’s work in his life. I’d tell him about the good news of the gospel. I’d tell him that I’m not the way I’m supposed to e either. I’d tell him that Jesus is a sympathetic high priest, that He intercedes for us, that He knows what it’s like to be tempted and tried. I’d tell him that God gives us limps and thorns for our good and for our glory. I’d tell him that God can use our struggles to bless us and to bless others through us”. [2]


[1] By this I mean that one can argue that homosexuality is indirectly destroying society. For an example, if all human beings become homosexual and get ‘married’ to each other, and be faithfully committed to one partner, where will the children come from? I’m not sure homosexuals would encourage having sex just to have babies with someone you are not romantically in love with. The arguments in support of homosexuality also struggle to explain why should a relationship/’marriage’ be between two people. Why not 4? This is a discussion for another time.

[2] I recommend these two great sources on this issue:

  1. DeYoung, K.2015. What Does the Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality? Wheaton, ILL: Christian Art Publishers.