I have not yet penned down my impression of the Angus Buchan “It’s Time” prayer event because I have asked myself difficult questions I cannot answer. Until I can satisfy myself, and be ready to give a defense/explanation for what I believe about false teachers, it would be irresponsible of me to write anything that will not help anyone. So, this struggle for me is a difficult one. I have asked myself: do false teachers know that they are false teachers? Or to narrow it down, do some false teachers know that they are false teachers? Tim Challies seems to think so in this article that he wrote on lessons he has learned from false teachers.

He writes: “False teachers know they are false. This may not be true all the time, and perhaps some false teachers deceive themselves before they deceive others. But I believe most know who and what they are; in fact, I believe most know and delight in who and what they are. They are not naïve people who have taken a wrong turn in their theology, but evil people who are out to destroy others. Their attack on truth is far more brazen that we may like to think”.

False teachers are common. False teachers are deceptive. False teachers are dangerous. False teachers are divisive. False teachers give people what they want. False teachers are not innocent. False teachers cannot tolerate the Gospel, he writes. These are true, but I am yet to make up my mind on Angus Buchan before I can publish an article on him. Perhaps it might be good to do it later when tempers and tensions have subsided. However, I have made peace with the fact that whatever one says on this issue, people who refuse to be rational will not hear you out. The convinced will be more convinced. The unconvinced will remain unconvinced. I mean, even when you are silent people still take issue with your silence. Visit this blog later.